China Tour 2017

Our two week tour of China saw us taking our new theatre show - 'Legend of Eirinn' - to several major cities within the Zhejiang Province (south of Shanghai).

The cast of 24 dancers and 1 singer was accompanied by the fabulous Italian band - the SIDH. The show draws inspiration from Irish myths and legends, combining the modern Celtic music of the SIDH and Innova's distinctive 'Tradition with a Twist' choreography.

Our first venue was Zhoushan Grand Theatre, on Zhoushan Island. From there we travelled to Ningbo (Ningbo Grand Pavilion Theatre), Jaixing (Jaixing Grand Threatre), Jinhua (China Wu Theatre), Shaoxing (Shaoxing Grand Theatre) and finally we ended our run in Hangzhou's Grand Theatre.



It was fabulous to perform in these large scale venues and share our show and art form with Chinese audiences. The meet and greet sessions after the show were a particular highlight, allowing members of the audience to have photo opportunities with the cast.

We also journeyed to Longmen Ancient Town, famous as the homeland of Sun Quán, who was the emperor of Wu during the Three Kingdom Period. This rural community set against the backdrop of mountains and tea plantations contrasted vastly to the modern cities that we had experienced thus far. Our arrival here coincided with a day of celebration in the area that was full of local culture. We provided an outdoor performance in front of the temple at the heart of the old town.

Our final performance was in the fantastic Hangzhou Grand Theatre in the heart of the city. We had a fabulous time and it was extremely memorable experience. Huge thanks to Gua Hua Entertainment Company for inviting us out. Thanks also to the SIDH for providing their superb music..