About Us

Meet the teacher/choreographer

Catherine Innova founder, teacher and choreographer, Catherine Lamont started dancing the age of 4 years old. Her competitive career saw her become a national champion in both solo and teams categories and she also developed a love of performance work by appearing in a variety of theatre dance shows and touring internationally at music festivals and other events.
Catherine has over 20 years experience in teaching a vast age-range of pupils; from beginner to senior dancers. Moreover her strong passion for original, distinctive choreography is recognised both in the competition world and with international audiences.
Catherine founded Innova in 2013 with the ambition of developing high standard Irish dancers and the vision of creating exciting new performance pieces.

What makes Innova different? - Tradition with a Twist

Catherine The dual focus of competitive and performance work makes Innova different from many other dance companies. Here, dancers are not only trained for competitions but are also given the opportunity to perform in a variety of different events all over the world. Most notably these events have included appearing on Britain's Got Talent and our international tours which have taken us to many fabulous destinations (e.g. South Korea, Palestine, China, Egypt, Greece, Sweden, etc. - See performances).
All our work carries our signature ‘tradition with a twist' style of Irish dancing which sees the traditional steps being infused with modern elements.

The Aim

Innova’s aim is to inspire its members and audiences to fall in love with Irish dancing and appreciate the immense enjoyment that it can bring. We want to inject new energy, vision and fun into this traditional art form and help create friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime.

We’re fresh, we’re current and we’re innovative. Start your journey with us today!